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•  Abuse

•  Addiction

•  Anger

•  Anxiety, panic attacks and loss of control

•  Bereavement / grief / loss and separation

•  Bullying

•  Depression and mood

•  Employment issues, work and redundancy

•  Health related concerns / chronic illness / end of life

•  Life transitions

•  Relationships

•  Personal development / personal process

•  Self-esteem and confidence

•  Sexuality

•  Stress

•  Trauma



Shared Values


We believe in the worth and dignity of each individual. We wish to provide a safe, therapeutic space in which to develop a trusting and reliable working relationship with clients that facilitates healing and change.


Whether you come to counselling to explore a difficult issue or to use it as a means of personal development, CPSA counsellors/psychotherapists will honour you as an individual with your own unique experience of life.


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